August 20, 2012 — 13:54

About the Book

The Little Green Book of Inspiration for Success with Life & Money is a structured compilation of quotations, proverbs and sayings which helps us rapidly grasp positive, powerful thoughts that will make us want to begin to enhance our lives and finances.

This is not a “how to do it” book it is a “want to do it” book. The text aims to inspire us to take action on those many good ideas that we probably already know about but haven’t yet got around to doing anything about.

The wisdom presented in The Little Green Book is the ‘bottom line’ of positive life values. It is distilled from the experience of generations through the ages, thus it has much to offer. This compilation is a powerful tool that motivates us to improve our lives today.


  • Chapter 1:  Inspirations that can lift our thinking
  • Chapter 2:  Getting Started
  • Chapter 3:  Planning and Preparation
  • Chapter 4:  Knowledge
  • Chapter 5:  Saving, Spending & Thrift
  • Chapter 6:  Fear & Courage
  • Chapter 7:  Managing Disappointments
  • Chapter 8:  Concern for Others
  • Chapter 9:  Opportunity & Action
  • Chapter 10:  Commitment to finish the job
  • Appendix 1:  Who Said That?
  • Appendix 2:  A Simple Planning Process
  • Appendix 3:  Basic Budgeting Concepts
  • Appendix 4:  Some Budgeting Tips

Our Guarantee

We are certain that you will value your copy of The Little Green Book. If you are not completely satisfied with your copy for any reason a full refund is available upon return of goods within 30 days of delivery.